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Tenute Peter Zemmer, Südtirol Alto Adige, Italy

Tenute Peter Zemmer, Südtirol Alto Adige, Italy

In 1928, Peter Zemmer, the great uncle of the present winemaker of the same name, established the winery. Vineyards and wineries in the best locations around Cortina s.s.d.v. in the lowlands of Alto Adige have been part of the winery since then. Helmut Zemmer, the founder’s nephew, has always been working in the business and after the early death of his uncle in 1969, he took over the winery, which he has turned into one of the leading companies in the region. Now his son Peter continues the legacy in the interest of his family. Peter Zemmer’s precious experience, detailed and innovative knowledge, together with the perfect natural environment, guarantee the quality and the expressive character of the wines, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

For generations, the winery Peter Zemmer has been pressing wines of best quality reflecting the alpine character of the growing region. It is our aim to process the healthy grapes as naturally as possible by using modern and innovative technology. The expressive character of the wines is formed in the vineyard. Intensive nurturing of the grapevines as well as the careful selection are the essential prerequisites for authentic wines. After the harvest, the grapes are carefully crushed, fermented and matured in the cellar, always with the greatest respect for nature. The storage on fine yeast gives our wines the balance and texture. The extraordinary wines with vineyard character age in large as well as small oak barrels, developing into the finest wines. Peter Zemmer attaches great importance to the production of natural wines that accurately reflect their character of origin and expressively unite the unique terrain. The fascinating interplay between tradition and innovation, man and the surroundings, sense and sensuality finds expression in the passion and sensitivity with which Peter Zemmer brings his wines to life.

Cortina s.s.d.v. The winery Peter Zemmer is situated in the idyllic and popular village Cortina s.s.d.v in the lowlands of Alto Adige. The locality of Cortina s.s.d.v. is first mentioned in a document dating back over 700 years. The settlement is probably even older as acknowledged in the document. The names Curtinego, Curtinie, or Cortine, mentioned in Latin documents from the late 13th and early 14th centuries, found their German equivalents in Curtinie or Cortinie in 1288. The name probably stems from a corruption of the Latin curtus dominica, meaning court of the king or lord. With only 600 inhabitants, today Cortina s.s.d.v. is among the smallest communities in Alto Adige. It is the last village with a German-speaking majority before the southern provincial border with Trentino and the only village in the lowlands of Alto Adige situated in the middle of the valley floor, surrounded by wonderful fruit orchards and vineyards near the Adige River – a beautiful living environment worth protecting..

Terroir Winemaking has always played an important role in Cortina s.s.d.v. Good soil and the microclimatic, alpine, and mild climate contribute to the growth of grapes of excellent quality. The valley floor around Cortina s.s.d.v. and the wide selection of grape varieties are as varied as the landscape, a fact that has earned the winegrowing in the lowlands of Alto Adige special praise over the centuries. The favourable climatic conditions produce a great variety of excellent grapes: many hours of sunshine (an average of 1,800 per year), the favourable average temperature value (18 degrees C, or 64 degrees F), the good distribution of precipitation, and the loose, well-aerated soil thus easily warmed contribute to the grapes growing well, thereby ensuring the high quality of our wines. The soils consist of dolomite, limestone and glacial deposits of gravel, sand, and clay. After snowy winters, the mountain streams provide abundant water, and hot summers mean scorching heat in the valleys. Major temperature fluctuations between day and night give the wines their intense flavour. In the afternoon, there is a dry and cool breeze called ’Ora’ in the whole region, from Lake Garda up to Merano and Bressanone. This particular wind for the most part prevents the decay after rainfalls.